Huawei Watch Fit Fitness Tracker – Graphite Black

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(hereinafter referred to as the “watch”) is a high-end smart watch with 50 m water resistance, color screen, full screen touch and a side button control. Integrating smart features such as heart rate monitoring, GPS positioning, workout companion (12 fitness courses and animated coaching), 96 workout modes, sleep monitoring, message reminder, blood oxygen monitoring and controlling music playback on the phone, it is the best partner of a smartphone that helps users understand their fitness and health status.
The watch supports the following features:
Color screen and adjustable screen brightness;
Color icons and more dynamic and vivid display;
Full screen touch and side button control;
Belt clip design that makes the watch firmly attached to your wrist;
Heart rate monitoring and heart rate warnings;
Blood oxygen monitoring (This function may not be supported in your country, please contract official service center to get more details.)
Menstruation cycle tracking. The watch can predict future menstruation periods and fertile windows based on your previous records. You can view related data on the watch or get alerts on your watch. This feature is only available on Android devices.
TruSleepTM (sleep status recognition and data collection)
Supports stress tests, breathing exercises, and relief exercises to help you feel more relaxed.
Control music playback on the phone (only supported on phones running Android 5.0 or later);
Find my phone
Activity reminder
Supports standby watch faces
Preinstalled with a variety of watch faces that you can change whenever you want.
Supports downloading watch faces from the Watch face store. This feature is only available on Android phones in certain countries and regions. For details, contact the official Huawei hotline.
Supports customizing widgets on your watch faces, such as adding or removing widgets for calories, heart rate, or battery level.
Supports customizing the watch face using images from Gallery. Only still images from your Gallery can be used as watch faces.
Adding Favorites on the watch face that can be viewed by swiping to the left or the right, such as heart rate, stress level, and weather.
Remote camera shutter. Image preview is not supported. This feature is only available with Huawei or Honor phones running EMUI 8.1 or later.
Target setting and achievement reminder;
Supports professional running guidance.
Independent GPS that supports long run;
Daily activities tracking and monitoring (recording fitness data such as step count, calories burned, and distance covered).
Moderate to high intensity activities duration and standing status record
Supports multiple workout types including outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, pool swimming, open water swimming, free training, indoor walking, elliptical, and rower. You can also add more workout modes.
Supports running companion. When the watch is connected to the Huawei Health and a workout is started using the app, the running companion will be automatically enabled on the watch. The watch is preinstalled with various running routes.
Provides professional workout data including VO2 Max, training effects, recovery times, training statuses, workout records, performance indexes, and training loads.
Pool swim and Open water with a 6-axis IMU sensor adopted (providing stats for stroke style detection, distance, laps, SWOLF, number of strokes and calories);
Alarm reminder, including smart alarms and event alarms;
Notification reminders, including caller ID, SMS, email, weather reports, calendar and social apps;
You can download and install the Huawei Health app. With this app, you can connect your watch with your phone and better manage your watch. You can also check your fitness and health data and get a better understanding of your physical conditions and fitness status.
Functions and Apps
Heart rate monitoring
You can manually measure your heart rate if you are wearing your watch correctly. You can also enable the Continuous heart rate monitoring feature in the Huawei Health app. When this feature is enabled, your watch will monitor your heart rate 24/7.
Your watch will measure your heart rate every second when you start an exercise such as running or walking. When your heart rate exceeds the preset heart rate limit warning, your watch will vibrate to remind you.
NOTE: The heart rate data of a single measurement will not be recorded or synchronized to the app. The heart rate curve is displayed only after the Continuous heart rate measurement is enabled and the results are synchronized to the app.
The heart rate data should not be used for medical purposes.
Motion assistant
Your watch can record your step count, distance covered, calories burnt and other data. Your watch also records data such as duration of moderate to high intensity activity and standing.
Your watch supports exercise types such as Outdoor run, Indoor run, Outdoor walk, Outdoor cycle, Indoor cycle, Indoor swimming, Open water, Free training, Indoor walk, Cross trainer, Rower. You can check real-time workout data on your watch.
You can bring up the workout screen of your watch once you launch running in the Huawei Health app. Your watch will synchronously display the real-time exercise data.
NOTE: Your workout and heart rate data will be synchronized to the Huawei Health app.
Sleep monitoring
Your watch monitors your sleep quality when you wear it during sleep. It can automatically detect when you fall asleep, wake up, and whether you are in light or
deep sleep. You can also view your sleep data in the Huawei Health app after you sync your watch with your phone.
You can enable TruSleepTM in the Huawei Health app.
HUAWEI TruSleepTM sleep monitoring technology accurately analyzes deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, and when you wake up to provide you with evaluations and recommendations about the quality of your sleep.
NOTE: Enabling TruSleepTM may reduce your watch’s standby time.
Animated watch faces
The watch supports animated watch faces so you can have even more fun with your watch. Open the Huawei Health app and select your preferred animated watch faces.
Customized workout modes
You can customize the workout modes on the watch and add or remove corresponding workout modes.
NOTE: This feature is only available with Huawei/Honor phones running EMUI 10.1 or later
Automatic workout detection
The watch can detect your workout status automatically. After you have enabled this feature in Workout settings on the watch, your watch will remind you to start recording your workout when it detects more intense activity. You can either ignore the reminder or start recording the workout session. Currently, this feature can detect running, walking, elliptical, and rower workouts.
Remote camera shutter
When the watch is connected to the phone, you can touch Remote camera shutter on the watch to launch the camera on your phone and take a photo by tapping the camera icon on the watch screen.
NOTE: This feature is only available in EMUI 8.1 or later. The remote camera shutter will only be displayed on your watch when the watch is connected to a phone that meets the version requirements.
The watch needs a stable connection with the phone and the Huawei Health app needs to be running in the background during use.
You won’t be able to preview or view images on your watch. The photos will be saved in Gallery on your phone.
Phone assistant
More features come handy when you use your watch and phone together. When your watch is connected to your phone, the following features are available:
Finding your phone using your watch;
Incoming call notification
Your watch can vibrate to notify you and display the caller name or number when there is an incoming call. You can reject the call using watch.
Message reminders
Only supporting messages from SMS, email, calendar and social apps;
When a new message is displayed in the status bar of your phone, your watch will vibrate, and you can check it on the watch screen.
Hardware specifications
Dimensions (Length x width x height): 46 mm × 30 mm × 10.7 mm
Note: 10.7mm is the thickness of the watch measured at its thinnest point (the distance from the surface of the watch to the bottom cover and does not include the sensor area).
Material: Engineering plastic
Wrist strap
Material: Silicone
Width: 20 mm (after the strap is fully loosened)
Standard model: The long strap is about 120 mm and the short one is approx. 80 mm.
Short model: The long strap is about 102 mm and the short one is approx. 80 mm.
AMOLED color screen
Resolution: 456 x 280 pixels
Size: 1.64 inches
Approximately 21 g (without the strap)
Capacity: Typical value at 180 mAh
Type: Secondary Li-ion Battery
Charging time: about 100 minutes (under 25°C ambient temperatures)
2.4 GHz, BT5.0, BLE
6-axis IMU sensor (Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor)
Optical heart rate sensor
Capacitive sensor
Ambient light sensor
Charging port
Magnetic charging port
Full screen touch + side button
Waterproof level
Software specifications
Daily activity tracking and monitoring
Records step count, distance covered, calories burnt, and other data.
Records statistics for duration of moderate to high intensity activities and standing;
Heart rate monitoring
Manual single measurement
Background continuous measurement of heart rate (monitors heart rate when no workout is enabled)
Continuous heart rate monitoring (Smart, Real-time)
Resting heart rate measurement
Sleep monitoring
Sleep status and time monitoring TruSleepTM
Wearing detection
Automatic watch wearing status detection
The message reminders, incoming call notification, and heart rate detection are disabled when the watch is off your wrist.
Data storage and synchronization
Automatic storage of daily activities/running/swimming/sleep/heart rate data
Data synchronization of daily activities/running/swimming/sleep/heart rate to the Huawei Health app
GPS positioning
Outdoor movement trajectory mapping
Incoming call notification
Message reminders
Alarm reminder
Activity reminder
Bluetooth disconnection alert
Low battery alerts and power off alarm due to low battery level
Reminder for every kilometer while exercising (Interval reminder)
Reminder of resting heart rate
Exercise heart rate upper limit warning
Target achievement reminder
Huawei Health app features
Bluetooth pairing up
Setting up your user information
Device management
Online update
Statistics for current/previous fitness, heart rate, and sleep data
Setting exercise targets
Draw motion trajectory
Exercise data sharing
Gesture control
Raise wrist to wake screen
Software update
Device upgrade through OTA
Compatible phone system
Android 5.0 or later
iOS 9.0 or later

What’s in the box
1x Watch
1x Charging dock
1x Charging cable
1x Quick Start Guide, safety information, and warranty card

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Brand Huawei
Has GPS Yes
Warranty 12 months
Materials Silicone
Bezel Size 46 mm
Strap Size 20 mm
Screen Size 1.64 in
Model Stia-B09
Has Altimeter Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth
Has Music Player No
Has Step Counter Yes
What’s in the box 1x Watch
1x Charging dock
1x Charging cable
1x Quick Start Guide, safety information, and warranty card
Has Sleep Monitor Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Has Calorie Counter Yes
Has Distance Tracking Yes
Has Heart Rate Monitor Yes
Has Smart Notification Technology Yes
Colour Name Graphite Black
Basic Colours Black

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